Collection: Reflections Collection 21'

The Reflections collection was inspired by mirrors and the reflection they place back on the subject. I spent a lot time reflecting and journaling throughout the pandemic. I also had a lot of materials around in different storages that I was storing but not using. I wanted to put all of these ideas into a collection that would cause people to reflect and just appreciate where they are rather than in a rush to get to the next point like we all were pre-pandemic.

This experience has taught me to embrace my path and appreciate everything that got me here and be proud. To also not be afraid to go for it in my designs no matter what. I want people to feel seen in my clothes and present themselves as their best selves.

35 products
  • Reflections Jumpsuit
  • Patchwork Money Blazer
  • Reflections Leather Pant
  • Flashy Bucket Hat
  • Patchwork Tshirt
  • Splashed Aaliyah Sweatshirt
  • Splashed Prince Sweatshirt
  • Vintage Splashed Velvet Jumpsuit
  • Cropped Patchwork Blazer
  • The World is Watching Patchwork Blazer
  • Hand painted mix-print Blazer
  • DKG Patchwork Sweatshirt
  • Splashed socks
  • The Hate Make You Great Patchwork Jacket
  • Flashy Metallic Blazer
  • Youth Patchwork Money Blazer