Splashed is THE new Sustainable.

Prince Royce in custom Splashed by DKG
Splashed by DKG was created in 2013 when our Founder Daniel Grier, began reinventing his own wardrobe by tie dyeing and adding prints to his old jeans. This technique would later become known as our signature “splash.”
This all began by finding a way to up-cycle what you already have. Once Daniel started sharing these early creations on social media the brand soon took off.


Mali Music in custom Splashed by DKG


Splashed by DKG has now grown into a luxurious + sustainable street wear brand.
At Splashed by DKG, sustainability is adding value to an article of clothing by creating long lasting and environmentally friendly pieces. Sustainability is creating an art piece that tells a story, that will become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.
This Patchwork Jacket is hand patch worked, each textile was hand painted, and sustainably made from all recycled materials. Daniel Grier has taken sustainability to another level by taking pairs of jeans in storage bins and instead of throwing them out, using them to patchwork future collections like this statement jacket seen below on International Superstar, Anuel.
Anuel AA in custom Splashed by DKG

Each Splashed by DKG garment is handcrafted and one of a kind. Guaranteed to make you stand out and make a Splash!

These original + unique designs can not be found anywhere else.

So next time you shop,

Think Sustainability.

Think Splashed by DKG.