Magic City Fashion Week: THE event of 2022!

Magic City Fashion Week OFFICIALLY kicked off this past Friday at the Birmingham Museum of Art! With an overwhelming crowd of over 2,000 attendees, this magical event was the perfect way to enter into Season IV of Magic City Fashion Week.

Daniel Grier and his mother Amelia Grier backstage at Magic City Fashion Week Kick Off.

Photography by Sub Urban Creative

Magic City Fashion Week is the brainchild of Splashed by DKG and is ready to hit harder than ever this year! Our founder Daniel Grier absolutely KILLED the evening in a Splashed by DKG Custom Patchwork Jumspuit, Louis Vuitton bag, and Yeezy Foam Runners.

Grier is very passionate about promoting sustainability in the fashion industry and supporting local designers. Magic City Fashion Week has become a space for him to share his passions with the people.

Photography by Sub Urban Creative

The youth of Bib and Tucker presented the world with a Recycled Runway. Each student used recycled materials to create a fashion statement to promote strong messages special to each individual. Aedan Grier astounded the crowd with his “Live Life on Purpose” denim jacket. Aedan wants to make life more fun and the world a better place through the power of fashion.

TrynaB Studios made their first runway appearance with their trendy up-cycled designs! Tryna B Studios is a Birmingham-local brand devoted to bringing sustainability to the community and the world. From the creative mind of Leslie Gomez, Tryna B Studios is here to repurpose with a purpose.

Pictured above is myself wearing the Patchwork Blazer by Splashed by DKG. This up-cycled blazer got millions of compliments at the kick off and was definitely a statement piece of the night! 

This blazer embodies the goal of everyone that participated in the kick off: Sustainability. We are all striving to create statements in the world with our environmental impact in mind. We are here to change the narrative of fashion. We are here to make a statement.

Magic City Fashion Week will take place June 9th-12th at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Don’t miss the biggest fashion event in Birmingham!