Help Save the World, Superstars!

With Earth Day this Friday, Splashed by DKG wants to give you a guide on how to make a positive impact on the environment through fashion! Follow below to check out a few tips from the fashion expert himself, Daniel Grier!

5 tips from our founder Daniel Grier:

1. Watch how you spend your money.

When it comes to purchasing statement pieces for your closet, think of how many times you will be able to wear that certain piece and how many ways you can style it. Sustainable shopping looks like buying quality pieces that can stay in your closet for a life time!


2. Shop local!

Knowing where your products come from and where your money is going is a great way to begin shopping sustainably. Local artists, shops, and designers will bring you unique + quality designs that you can’t find at every store you visit. Local brands work to spread their creativity and message throughout their community. When you shop local, you are helping someone get food on their table, gas in their car, and families an income.


3. Shop pre-loved and pre-owned.

Places such as thrift stores, vintage shops, and estate sales will bring you the most unique pieces you will ever find! In addition to finding unique pieces, you are shopping sustainably by purchasing pre-owned and loved items. This helps eliminate clothing and textiles going into landfills. Our founder Daniel Grier practices this in his everyday life! Whether it’s finding pieces for his home or finding pieces to up-cycle for Splashed by DKG, Daniel always looks to his local thrifts to find amazing vintage pieces. Daniel’s personal favorite thrift stores are Goodwill and America’s Thrift Store!

4. Up-cycle when and where you can.

Before you throw out that top in your closet, see if you can up-cycle it into something new! Whether that be dying it, painting a new design on it, or styling it a different way, giving your clothes new life is a great way to practice sustainability. Daniel takes vintage + pre-loved items and gives them a new life!

5. Go back to your closet and find 5 new ways to wear everything!

Your closet has an endless amount of possibilities! All you need to do is play around with different styles, silhouettes, and combinations. Try to pair things together that you wouldn’t normally pair with each other and take style risks. By creating new outfit combinations and reusing clothing items, you are already making a huge impact on the environment! Reuse, reduce, and recycle!

Let’s stay environmentally focused this Earth Day and every day moving forward. Your choices within the fashion industry create a difference. Let’s come together to create a positive and mindful difference!