Change the World With a Splashover!

With the uprising of fast fashion sales, our planet is in dire need of sustainable fashion. While we can’t control how the world shops, it is important that we use our platform and voice to promote a sustainable way of shopping. This can be difficult to find at times, but Splashed by DKG is here to make that shopping experience as easy and comfortable as possible for YOU!

Splashed by DKG is known for the infamous “Splashover”. A Splashover is when you up cycle and add value to a garment by painting it, dying it, adding embellishments, or simply just styling it in a completely new way. Our founder Daniel Grier began his Splashover journey by tie dying a basic item to add a statement to it and make it stand out from the crowd.

This led to Daniel creating and giving many other items a Splashover. From blazers to denim jumpsuits to bucket hats, the Splashover has made an impact worldwide. Artists such as Anuel and Prince Royce have rocked the Splashover from across the world!

The Splashover promotes slow fashion while also allowing our clients to be creative and co-design their own statement. It is a great way to recycle and reuse pieces, giving them new life and a second chance. With textiles and clothing being one of the leading contributions to landfills, it is important that we do all that we can to protect the earth that we call home.

Get splashed today by emailing us and letting us splashover that piece that you can create memories with for a lifetime. 
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Reuse. Recycle. Upcycle.
Think Sustainable. Think Splashed by DKG.