DESCRIPTIONS/QUALIFICATIONS: We accept applications for models year-round, male, female, and child. Must have prior experience applicable to the need for which you are applying.


JOB DUTIES: Represent the Splashed by DKG brand by wearing garments in print and promotional campaigns or during runway presentations. Bring clothes to life and help sell and promote.


HOW TO APPLY: Please submit your digital resume, comp card, and portfolio by emailing splashme@splashedbydkg.com and using "MODEL APPLICATION" in the subject line. Note that "selfies" and other non-professional images are not considered portfolio photographs. We accept models of all sizes.




DESCRIPTION/QUALIFICATIONS: A fashion blogger for Splashed by DKG must be not only be on trend when it comes to fashion, but they have to be ahead of it. We partner with new and existing bloggers who closely align with the look, ethics, conduct, and forward thinking that we practice at Splashed by DKG.


JOB DUTIES: Bloggers will be responsible for the following on a monthly basis: (1) Clear high quality images of themselves in the garments and/or accessory that they are provided. These can be achieved by whatever means the blogger is able to get them. Multiple angles and closeups are preferred. (2) Video and/or Boomerang style clips to post on social media. (3) A write up with a minimum of 200-300 words explaining your item in detail, why you made the styling choices that you made, and suggestions to other women/men. (4) Promotion of the blog post once it is live on the site. Bloggers are required to post about the post a minimum of four times throughout the month.


HOW TO APPLY: Please submit your resume by emailing splashme@splashedbydkg.com using "FASHION BLOGGER" in the subject line. Note that the email should include links to your blog or current writing samples and social media accounts.