Splashed by DKG is a fashion brand that exists to make everyday look and feel like a runway. We firmly believe that when you look your best, you feel and can perform at your best.


To popularize. To impact. To cause a stir. To make an impression. To make a splash.


Located in Birmingham, AL and born from the minds of a denim-designing duo, Splashed by DKG is a luxury streetwear brand that stylistically combines traditionalism with today's trends. We specialize in rendering denim designs for fashion-forward men and trendsetting women. By bringing it into the modern age and giving it a runway quality, we have set out to do denim right!


Though denim has long been a fashion staple, we feel no other brand does it quite like us. All in all, #denimdoneright is essentially a way of life around here. And we wouldn't have it any other way! From start to finish – We handle all of our handmade luxury denim apparel with the utmost care and a fixated attention to detail. We firmly believe that when you look your best, you feel and can perform at your best.


In case you haven't heard, we're really causing a stir among those obsessed with ultra cool streetwear. And the telling evidence of what makes our designs so coveted has to do with the techniques and methods we use to hand-dye, bleach and accent our handcrafted garments from beginning to end. You got that right. Every time you order from us, know that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind splash, guaranteed to have the streets talking.


We can't wait to spread the denim love and share our exclusive pieces with you! Shop the DKG denim clothing collection to discover everything from fashionably funky denim streetwear to must-have luxury denim done right.




Daniel Grier is an emerging designer and founder of Splashed by DKG, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. As a teen Daniel had high hopes of becoming a celebrity stylist. He has always loved fashion since he could remember, and would spend his allowance on magazines. "I would buy all the magazines I could, tear out the pages and make collages in notebooks. Some magazines came with posters and I would plaster them all over the walls in my room." Little did he know this early passion for fashion would bring out his true affinity for designing. In October of 2013, Splashed by DKG was established, it quickly captured peoples attention. Nearly 20 fashion shows, several blog entries, magazine features, and two fashion weeks later, Splashed by DKG is a thriving denim brand. Daniel's vision for Splashed by DKG is to become a major presence in the fashion industry. One that has power to change minds, set precedents, and carve out a place in history. We want to dress everyone from the most famous of celebrities to the modern individual who dares to be different.


Derek Matthews has dabbled in fashion since the age of 13 and his interest in the industry can be attributed to an early addiction to America's Next Top Model. He taught himself to sew after starting college and now, at the age of 26, he aspires to become one of the world's premier clothiers. Derek believes in fashion as an expression of the person that you want to be and that there should be no limitations on that.